COVID-19 Pocedure Changes

While more businesses are gradually beginning to reopen to the public, there are important changes in procedures that we are taking at the St. Louis Wellness Center. Please follow the below guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Masks are required upon entering the building. We are not set up to provide masks to our visitors, so please bring your own and make sure it fits snugly but comfortably against the side of your face, allows for breathing without restriction, covers your face including your nose and your mouth and covers under your chin, and is secured with ties or ear loops.

  • Please wait in your car and text me when you arrive. I will respond when to enter the building and will greet you in the back waiting room. 

    • **Please note that I will no longer be using the waiting room in the front of the building, but will ask clients to meet me in the waiting room in the rear of the building, accessible in the back parking lot. ​

  • Video telehealth sessions will continue to be offered.

    • Please make a telehealth appointment if anyone in your household has had Covid-19 or other respiratory symptoms in the past 2 weeks, if you have had a fever in the last 48 hours, or if you feel unsafe coming into the building.

  • Extra efforts are being made to sanitize the office after each client, so please be patient as it might push back our appointment time by a few minutes or end promptly at 10 til the hour.